Stonegate Real Estate Services, Inc. is a full service property management company whose mission is to provide our Clients with stress free property ownership and management.  We specialize in the management and leasing of rental homes, condominiums, apartment complexes, four-plexes, and commercial properties in the Greater Las Vegas Area.

As your property management company we make sure your property is being handled in a professional manner and we personally inspect properties to insure the tenants are keeping up with your investments.  We handle all aspects of property management including locating the tenant, tenant screening, collecting the rent, maintaining the property and responding to all emergencies.




  • Market analysis and Consulting

  • Leasing

  • Aggressive marketing through signage, MLS, and advertising your property through Zillow,, and many more websites.

  • Qualify tenants by doing an extensive background check, credit check, rental verification and employment verification.

  • We are accessible 24 hours a day for emergencies and repair requests, by via e-mail or a phone.

  • We inspect our properties and doing walkthroughs frequently insure tenants are keeping up with properties.

  • Supervise repairs and maintenance request, working with qualified independent vendors and contractors to insure that they provide the best pricing and service.

  • We do comparables to insure the best leasing price to make you the most money.

  • Late rent resolution and evictions when needed.

  • Rental Collections

  • Direct deposit rental income into property owner’s account monthly without having to wait for a check

  • Monthly profit and loss statements and expense statements

  • Year end profit and loss statements

  • Minimize Downtime Between Tenants

  • Perform Property Make Ready

  • Timely Tenant Renewal and Marketing