Step 1 – Correct Eviction Notice is Served

One common misconception about the eviction process is that all evictions are the same. This is not the case.

An eviction is served based on one or more situations including: failure to pay rent, conducting illegal activity on the premises, subletting the rental etc.

The most common eviction notices are:

  • Rent Notices

  • Lease Violation Notices

  • Tenancy-at-will-notices

  • No Cause Notices


Step 2 – Serving the Eviction Notice

The tenant will be served with the correct eviction notice.Under state law , Stonegate Real Estate Services, Inc. may serve an eviction notice to a tenant in person, leave a copy of the eviction notice with someone of suitable age or post a copy of the eviction notice on the rental property.


Step 3 – A Second Eviction Notice May Be Served

Sometimes a second eviction notice may be served if the tenant is being evicted for anything other than failure to pay rent.When a second eviction notice is served the same process mentioned above will be followed when serving the eviction notice to the tenant.


Step 4 – Complaint With Court May Be Filed

Sadly, some tenants do not comply with eviction notices and stay well past the common 5 days or 30 days that the eviction notice requires them to vacate the property by, in these cases Stonegate Real Estate Services, Inc.  may file documents with the court to request to have a formal eviction order with the court processed.


Step 5 – There May be a Court Case

In some cases Stonegate Real Estate Services, Inc. tenants may file an affidavit or answer with the court for the purpose of contesting the eviction, when these situations occur a Stonegate representative will attend the court case to represent our owner client’s best interests.


Step 6 – Arrangements for Tenant Removal

After the court case is completed in most cases the judge will order a summary eviction and Stonegate Real Estate Services, Inc.  will make arrangements with the Sheriff to have the tenant and their belongings removed on a certain date and time.


About the 30 Day Move Out Notice Form

Once our tenant receives the 30-day notice to vacate form they must comply with the notice and return their keys, garage door clickers or HOA keys to our office at 3030 S. Jones Blvd. #105, Las Vegas, NV  89146 BEFORE the day of the move out or the tenant will be charged accordingly.


Follow Move out Procedures

Although the tenant has received an eviction notice they still qualify to get their cleaning / security deposit back if they leave the rental unit in good condition in accordance with their lease agreement or addendums. We ask all tenants to re-read their lease agreement again before moving out to make sure that they comply with all of the things they need to do before moving out.


Give Notice

Even though a Stonegate Real Estate Services, Inc. tenant may have received an eviction notice they are still required to complete a 30-day notice to vacate form. Tenants can pick up these forms at our office and either deliver back to us via physical mail or email. Tenants are not allowed to give verbal notice and they should give notice from the first of the month to the move out at the end of the month.


Paying Rent

In spite of the eviction notice our tenants are still responsible for paying their rent up to the 30th day of their notice to vacate. This means that if their rent isn’t received late fees will apply that must be paid.


Filing an Extension

Eviction notices are an inconvenience and sometimes a tenant may need extra time until they can find another rental property. In this case we will approve extensions for select tenants but the tenant must file an extension immediately then file a new 30-day Notice to Vacate form which details the additional days they will be living in the Las Vegas rental property.


If Tenant Departs Early

Let’s say that the tenant chooses to depart earlier than the move out date on their notice to vacate or eviction notice, in this case the tenant must still contact Stonegate Real Estate Services, Inc. immediately to turn in their keys and or remotes and they will still be liable to pay rent until the 30th day on their notice to vacate form.


Walkout Inspection

The walkout inspection is completed AFTER the tenant has returned the keys, remotes and or HOA keys to our office after they have moved out. Once a tenant has moved out we will assume that the property will be cleaned and ready for another tenant plus the former tenants personal property have been removed from the property so it’s not the responsibility of Stonegate Real Estate Services, Inc.  to insure that any items left inside the home are returned to the former tenant of the rental property.


About Early Lease Termination

Last of all, but most important, even though a tenant may receive an eviction notice they will still be liable under Nevada law to pay their rent until the 30th day of the month when they are required to vacate the property. Since we are not allowed to double rent a property any rent that we receive from the former tenant who has been evicted from a property will be refunded to them once the property has been re-rented.



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